SS02 – New ideas and developments in Automatic Control Education

Organized and co-chaired by

Ramón Costa-Castelló
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Spain
Manuel Domínguez González
Universidad de León, Spain

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Focus: This Special Session will focus on the new ideas and developments appearing in Automatic Control Education. Every day, technology is taking a more decisive role in the world and especially in industrial areas. A clear example is Industry 4.0. In this context, having welltrained engineers in the technological aspects is of vital importance.

Education, and in particular education in automatic control, does not remain outside of these changes. Every day, technology is taking a more important role in education, new tools are being developed and the way of teaching is adapting. In this special session, people involved in automatic control teaching, including automation, bioengineering and robotics, are invited to present they innovations and the educational improvements they are introducing in the education sector.


  • Virtual laboratories
  • Remote Laboratories
  • Interactive Applications
  • New methodologies for automatic control teaching
  • New materials for automatic control teaching

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