Papers Provisionally Accepted as WiP

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does the shorten paper has to be submitted as new WiP paper or just be uploaded as final version?

The provisionally accepted papers as WiP should be uploaded as the final version of the initial submitted paper.

  • Does “PROVISIONALLY ACCEPTED” mean that the paper will be only checked for formalities (e.g., 4-page limit) or has it to undergo the “full review process” as WiP?

These papers are conditionally accepted, hence will not enter in the review process of the WiP papers. They will be checked by the Program Committee Chairs or Work-in-Progress Chairs to fulfill with the WiP format and the main results and experiments presented in the initial submissions are kept.

  • What does it happen if the reviewers have asked that some parts should be extended or added?

This happened because the reviewers read the paper considered as regular. Since now it has been accepted as WiP by the track chairs, authors are not required to add new material but only to reduce the initial submission to 4 pages keeping the initial results.

  • What is the deadline to upload the final version of the paper as a WiP?

The deadline for final submission as WiP is June 27, the same as the deadline for regular papers.

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