Visit to Aljaferia Palace, Friday, Sep 13, 17:00

Just after closing ceremony, a guided visit to Aljaferia Palace will be organized. If there is a single monument that, on its own, is worth a trip to Zaragoza, it is the Aljafería Palace.

The taifa of Saraqusta was an independent Muslim state of what is now eastern Spain, which was established in 1018 as one of the taifa kingdoms, which emerged in the 11th century following the destruction of the Cordoban Caliphate in Iberia. The Aljafería Palace is a fortified palace built during the second half of the 11th century. It was the residence of the Banu Hud dynasty during the era of Abu Jaffar Al-Muqtadir and reflecting the splendor attained by the kingdom of the taifa of Zaragoza at the height of its grandeur. The palace currently contains the Cortes (regional parliament) of the autonomous community of Aragon.