SS04 – New trends on artificial intelligence based schemes applied to predictive maintenance solutions under the Industry 4.0 framework

Organized and co-chaired by

Roque A. Osornio Rios
University of Queretaro, Mexico
Luis Romeral Martínez
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Spain
Miguel Delgado Prieto
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Spain

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Focus: Artificial intelligence based solutions represent a critical need in order to assess and address the impact and potentiality of such emerging technology towards the next generation of factory automation under the so called Industry 4.0 framework. This special session is focused on the application of artificial intelligence technologies, such as machine learning or deep learning, but also cognitive computing or computer vision, to predictive maintenance schemes in the industrial sector. Specifically, the interests of this session are the novel developments and challenges in bringing the concepts of intelligent manufacturing, cyber-physical systems, data analytics and industrial internet of things to the supervision, maintenance and control of manufacturing applications.


  • Condition monitoring and decision support systems
  • Processes modelling and operation optimization
  • Cyber-physical systems for industrial applications
  • Cognitive computing and computer vision for process monitoring
  • Novelty detection and incremental learning
  • Multi-fault diagnosis and data fusion strategies

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