Track 4 – Automated Manufacturing Systems

Track Program Committee

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Track co-chairs

Jorge Júlvez
University of Zaragoza, Spain
Michael Weyrich
University of Stuttgart, Germany

Focus: This track focuses on the use of techniques and technologies for the modeling, analysis, intelligent control, and enterprise integration of automated manufacturing systems.


  • Synthesis and Analysis Techniques; Performance Evaluation and reliability
  • Scheduling, Resource allocation and Optimization
  • Discrete Event Systems in Manufacturing Systems
  • Formal Modeling and Analysis of Manufacturing Systems
  • Fault Diagnosis, State-Estimation, and Identification in formal models
  • Networked Control of Manufacturing Systems
  • Planning and Distributed Control of Industrial Systems
  • Formal Methods and Verification Tools
  • Security Analysis and Privacy Enforcement
  • Discrete and Continuous Industrial Automation Systems
  • Automated Manufacturing Systems and Enterprise Integration
  • Application of Service-Oriented Technologies
  • Test Cases, Benchmarks and Tools
  • Applications and Experiences in Practice
  • Recent Developments in Standardization, intelligent Cyber-physical Production Systems

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