Women in Engineering Forum

“Paths towards the recognition”

Organized with the support of University of Zaragoza, Technical University of Catalonia and IEEE Industrial Electronics Society

Forum Co-Chairs

Natalia Ayuso, University of Zaragoza, nayuso@unizar.es
Antoni Grau, Technical University of Catalonia, Spain, antoni.grau@upc.edu
Lucia Lo Bello, University of Catania, Italy, lobello@unict.it

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This forum will tackle the keys that are seen as a barrier against the significance of Women in Engineering, meaning both their numerosity and the relevance of the positions that women can reach during their career. The focus will be specifically on the fields relevant to Industrial Electronics and related areas in Engineering. Important actions have to be taken to break those barriers, starting from the initial stages in education, primary, secondary education and to make attractive University careers in Industrial Electronics Engineering. Moreover, it is important to analyze the reactions of all the stakeholders, from educators to employers, from colleagues to family members. Public institutions and policy makers also play an important role in the integration of women in the labor market with equal opportunities. The Forum is a meeting point to discuss the current issues about Women in Engineering and to plan initiatives to promote inclusiveness and gender diversity in the workplace in general, and especially in fields traditionally dominated by men.

FORUM PROGRAM (September 10, 2019)

  • 15:45 Opening with Zaragoza Univ. representatives, IES officers, and public institutions representatives
  • 16:00 Talk from the professional perspective, speaker to be defined
  • 16:20 Talk from the university perspective, speaker to be defined
  • 16:40 Talk from the institutional perspective, speaker to be defined
  • 17:00 Panel open to the audience about the actions of the presence, participation, integration and leadership of Women in Engineering
  • 17:45 Poster presentation and mingle
  • 18:30 Forum closing and ETFA’2019 conference welcome cocktail open to all the forum participants


In this forum, papers can be submitted for poster presentation and discussion in a relaxed atmosphere. All the papers will be collected for a special publication with ISBN code. Prospective authors are invited to electronically submit their papers limited to eight (8) pages but also extended abstracts (minimum two (2) pages) according the guidelines for authors. Topics include but not limited to:

  • University Experience. Programs related to increasing the number of women in high degrees and Master and mentoring from a gender perspective.
  • PhD programs and women participation in research. Leadership and managing teams.
  • Regulations that support integration of women in the labor market. Long-standing, recent-introduced and proposals.
  • Associations, cooperatives and other organizations for women rights related to Engineering.
  • Actions against discrimination in companies and institutions. Diversity programs and personal experiences.


This Forum is organized during the Workshop day on September 10, 2019. Same deadlines will be applied as to the Work-in-progress/ Industry practice and Workshop papers (see the right sidebar for more information).

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